Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Best Teaching Practice for Interactive Whiteboard Use

This is the final title of our FS4 project. A little bland, perhaps, but to the point. Now that our final plan has been submitted, here is the background statement, purpose and research question which made it into the final draft:

Early last year (2005) the school invested in four interactive whiteboards, projectors and mounting, and so far four teachers have significantly benefited. We now have good day to day skills but wish to extend our knowledge and increase the number of staff (and of course students) who will benefit from IWB use. Our aim is to combine IWB use with productive teaching practices and seamlessly integrate ICT into daily lessons. We would like to be able to confidently showcase our skills and encourage a broadening of IWB use throughout the school.

Teaching with IWBs needs to be purposeful, and measured against good practice standards (e.g. in ICT integration, quality teaching principles and good learning behaviours of PEEL, Habits of Mind, expert teacher practice pdf). Reflection and sharing of learnings will be used to shape best practice.

How can the interactive whiteboard best be used to improve classroom teaching practice?

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