Friday, June 02, 2006

Br Martin: “It just doesn’t seem right to use the overhead anymore”

Today Martin and I were discussing possible directions for training. He has a student who is helping him learn to use Word better (kids are so helpful these days) and also mentioned that he hasn’t used PowerPoint as yet. I’m still getting to know the new SmartBoard software, but gather that there are some improvements in the facility for incorporating these applications. We also looked at a couple of Science based activities from the SmartTech site which were very useful and fairly simply designed on SmartNotebook (see Bunsen Burner Activity). Gaining the confidence to design these kind of activities would be a useful training aim.

The Smart Training Centre has some useful Quick Reference Guides to read and print as well as animated Two-Minute Tutorials on specific skills. (Just checked and there is a 2 minTut on PowerPoint – how to navigate via your IWB and how to insert drawings and notes are included).

So, now Martin is spoiled forever: “It just doesn’t seem right to use the overhead anymore”

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