Thursday, June 01, 2006

Learning Curve

Yes, the term is slipping away and there is so much I haven’t done!
What has been done is this:

We are officially presenting at the IWB conference at St Bernadette’s, and registration has been sent in as well. Here is the description of our excellent presentations –

The Learning Curve – Teacher’s perspective.A sample of how we have developed our IWB skills over 18 months with four Smartboards in a school of 900+ secondary boys. Four teachers will present examples of methods developed in science, history, geography and library, with a focus on the learning curve.

The Learning Curve – Kid’s perspective. What do kids think of IWB classes? What can they teach us about learning with IWBs? How do they rate our skills? Words, pictures and samples of student input and reaction will be featured. Four teachers will present from their experiences in science, history, geography and library classes.

We will have some time together to work on this in the coming weeks. Please start thinking aloud about what you might offer. You can post directly here or send a contribution to me to post.

Reflecting on reflection….

I have been putting together the pieces of the Reflection Journal discussed at our last meeting. Trying to make it somewhat less overwhelming. I have a ‘talent’ for wanting to include everything, which often leads to not finishing anything. I shall temper my obsessions.


A short survey is ready to go. It is aimed at taking a snapshot now to compare with later in the year.

Re-inviting you to ‘Smart Learning’

I will re-send your invitations to join the blog and therefore be able to contribute directly. One small ICT step for teachers ……. which could prove a very useful tool for teaching.

Photo by Jeff Thomson

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