Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Internet Safety

Went to a great session at ACEC 2006 about internet safety resources developed by NetAlert, an Australian Government initiative which describes itself thus:
Practical advice on Internet safety, parental control and filters for the protection of children, students and families.
Greg Gebhart presented the paper and scared us with some horrible stories and statistics before soothing our nerves with examples of some of the resources available to educate kids at all levels as well as parents, teachers and librarians. Most impressive was a dramatised story from their youth resource DVD Wise Up To It. These are free to schools and have great potential.

I guess the next thing is to nut out how we can best present these for best effect. What do you think?


Ben said...

I went to the same session and found it very interested. It is vital for educators to teach our students about internet safety. Many students leave detailed personal information on social networking sites without being aware of possible problems associated with the internet. The resources from this site will assist teachers in getting the message across to our students.

Bobby Gange said...

It's good to see sessions can be "very interested", Ben. :)

Can't wait to hear more about how we can implement these net safety strategies so that we can use this wonderful resource more fully.

Well done, guys.

M.Thomson said...

Thanks for coming on board guys.
I will start to get some of these resources available from the library - see what we've got and what we need. But the thing is really going to be to focus on issues when they are relevant, and that is any time kids use the Internet. Being clear about acceptable use is the first step I guess.

Angela Salkeld said...

I guess one of the key issues with Internet safety is how do we best convey this information to our students. Is it something that we address with classes as internet research is conducted, as a part of our lesson, or do we schedule specific library lessons on Internet safety with our classes, targeting one year group at a time?

M.Thomson said...

Welcome Angela!
I think we have to be mindful of safety issues any time we use the internet with kids - in class, computer rooms and the library. Acceptable use and basic safety issues need to be acknowledged by us all and guidance included in the usual instructions and assistance we give. Recreational use time is especially important, but we can't kid ourselves that these issues don't come up in lesson time as well.

But the big issues of bullying and personal safety have a place in pastoral lessons - just a broadening of what is already covered in this context I think.


M.Thomson said...

Have finally ordered the Wise Up DVD, Cybernetrix Kit, wall poster and computer prompt. There are lots of cross curricular lesson plans in the Cybernetrix kit and all are available online as well.