Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our other Blogs and Wikis

Have you started a blog for school or know of someone else in the Diocese who has? It would be good to have a look at what others are doing and might give some the push they need to go public.

The K-12 Teacher Librarian group has just started a wiki aimed at developing resources and a discussion space for readers advising - the art (or maybe science) of assisting others in discovering their own reading preferences. We have just started at Read On.

At Patrician Brothers' Library we have had a blog going since 2004 just for putting up quick links for current assignments. It has had the odd name change but is now called Latest Links. It certainly makes life easier when teachers want to direct their classes to specific sites, and is often handy for repeat assignments in the following year. A bit of updating and off they go.

This year we started a book review blog called Book Bites. Most of the reviews here are mine, but we have had a few boys who have contributed and we would love more. It is also a good place to link to other book sites of interest to our students, especially ones which showcase young people's responses.

So come on, who else has a blog or wiki to show us?


Chris said...

I've been playing with the idea of delivering my course content via a blog and setting each student up with a blog to post their work. We try to comment on each others stuff regularly although I'd like to see more of the going on.


M.Thomson said...

Hi Chris,
One of our English teachers had her final year extension group keep blogs this year to talk about some of the concepts they were studying in Speculative Fiction. Some added their own artwork, or other appropriate pictures. It was a good way of getting them to develop their ideas and comment on others.

Jo McLeay said...

Hi Marita, just found your blog through my del.icio.us feed on iwbs. I wanted to let you know about the Directory of Australian edubloggers at http://australianedubloggers.pbwiki.com/ Anyway go on over and have a look at what's happening and add yourself if you like. Let others know too. I will definitely be following your blog with interest.